Video Gaming and Blogging Makes Money

Did you know that it’s possible to make a living from playing video games? This article will help to explain how to make money playing video games into a real living where you make money. Now you might be wondering how to make money from a hobby that you love and if this is truly possible, but I’m here to tell you that it is.

I have spent years writing about software on the computer that I love and know inside and out. Some forms of software is better than others, but each one brings a new experience. When I first heard of blogging I didn’t know if it would suit my style of writing, but now I know that it suits any style. As long as you can write in detail then people will want to read what you have to say.

There are so many avenues to explore in the world of blogging and each person has their own idea of what works or not. When I first got into blogging I became aware that several people wrote blogs that attracted thousands of visitors daily and I wondered if I would ever attract this many visitors when there were so many other blogs on the internet. Through trial and error, I developed a blog that now attracts thousands of visitors every day.

Blog writing started off slowly with only a trickle of visitors but, as I developed the content on the site more visitors came. The more I wrote, the more visitors I attracted. After the first month the visitors increased and it got better from there. When I first got a few fans it was so exciting that my passion increased. People started to leave comments on my work and that was a good motivation to keep up with my blog.

If you can demonstrate through blog writing that you have a good understanding of what kinds of improvement would make software better and can write in depth about certain aspects such as risk analysis then your blog will do well. It will also appeal to professionals in the software industry. If you can write specifically on areas like common problems/errors that arise when testing then it will put you in good stead when it comes to finding software testing jobs.

Since software testing is a career that needs a good command of the English language it stands to reason that if you can write a blog well then you will be a good candidate for software testing. Once you get involved with software testing then the opportunities are endless. You will be getting paid for doing what you love and that is the joy of working in the gaming industry. Although you start small eventually you could be earning a large amount of money on a regular basis.

As a software tester you will be involved with all areas of the development process and observing any bugs in the software. There are many other areas of testing as well. Software testing is an interesting job with good potential for those who excel at it. The industry is expanding really fast and there are a lot of opportunities arising today.

To make money from your blog then you will need Google ad-sense or something similar. People read your blog and then click on the links on your website. Before you know it you can be earning a good wage. Many people have turned their blog writing into a full time career.

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