How to Utilize Ad Exchange Programs to Promote Your Website or Blog

Having a great website or blog with high quality content is not enough to ensure your online success. You have to have the right knowledge on how to get your site in front of your target audience. There are dozens of ways on how to accomplish this but our focus for today will be on ad exchange programs. The idea behind this concept is that you make a deal with another website owner. That you advertise his site on your own site and he’ll do the same for you. Looking at it, it’s a win-win. However, you can’t just go around and enter into ad deals with every willing webmaster.

To help you get started, here are a few tips on how you should go about in dealing with ad exchange programs:

1. As much as possible try to target blogs or websites who are on the same niche as the site you are trying to promote. It’s very important that you only deal with sites that are relevant to your niche. For instance, if you have a health and fitness blog, it will be a waste of time if you are exchanging ads with a video gaming blog. The two sites don’t fit with nor complement each other. With that said, focus only on relevant sites. Keep in mind that the main goal of ad exchanges is to exchange traffic. Needless to say, it will be better to get a hundred targeted traffic than a thousand irrelevant traffic.

2. Strike a balance between direct ad exchanges and third party-controlled exchanges. There are two ways on how you can enter into an ad exchange. You can deal directly with other websites or you can sign up with a third party website which usually acts as a middle man. With the latter, you don’t have full control and it may involve service fees. However, it’s an easy and effective way to find sites that are relevant to your own site. Dealing directly with other webmasters is a good strategy if you already know which sites you are looking to advertise with.

3. Always remember that quality always trumps quantity. That said, success in ad exchanges lies not in the number of sites that carry your ad. Rather, it lies on the quality of the sites that carry your ads. In a lot of ways, exchanging ads is a business branding exercise. If you advertise in a reputable and influential website, some of these positive qualities will rub off to your website.

4. See to it that the details of the ad exchange aren’t unfair or taking advantage of you in any way. Everything, from the size of the ads to the duration of time with which they’ll stay live in your websites should be equal.

5. Try to get more than a simple reciprocal link from the other webmasters that you deal with. Take the opportunity to enter into other deals with the owners of the websites you are exchanging ads with. It may involve product cross-promotion, joint ventures, etc.

Entering into ad exchanges is without a doubt a very effective strategy as long as you deal with the right websites.

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